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Bodyfest 2022 
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Post Bodyfest 2022
Year 13 in the incredible success story of Bodyfest.
Portion Control (UK)
A warm comeback welcome to these industrial/EBM pioneers that did an amazing show at Nalen in 2015. Founded in London in 1980 they did inspire a lot of bands that now are the absolute biggest names in the scene e.g. NIN, Skinny Puppy etc. With pulsating raw and punky EBM the audience will have a hard time standing still. It's our great pleasure to once again invite Portion Control to Bodyfest where we will hear the best mix of new and old songs.
Test Dept (UK)
Another group of Industrial giants joining the lineup and it could very well be the first time in Stockholm. Formed in London in 1981 they quickly became one of the most influential industrial acts along side with Portion Control and Cabaret Voltaire to mention a few. They split up in 1997 and for long we thought that was the end of Test Dept. Then suddenly they re-emerged in 2014 and released a brilliant album in 2019, "Disturbance" that was too good to ignore. Being on our list since 2020 and put forward because of the pandemic we are thrilled to finally have them on the big stage of Bodyfest.
Emmon (SE)
Emma Nylén needs no longer presentation for the Swedish audience. Ever since the first solo album in 2007, “The Art and the Evil”, Emmon was instantly known in Sweden's alternative scene. With the fourth album in 2014 she took a five long year break, before the comeback as support to Nitzer Ebb in 2019. And this also with a slightly different sound. While the first four albums could be categorized as electro and synthpop, the new songs we have heard have a clear reference to EBM, harder, heavier but without losing the touch for awesome hit songs that we know from previous albums. A brand-new single is released this week and album number five “RECON” is released this fall, just in time for Bodyfest. We are super excited!
Celldöd (SE)
Celldöd, aka Anders Karlsson, has been releasing dirty electronic music since the late '80s, both small-run cassette tapes inspired by the DIY ethos of his post-punk background, and pristine vinyl editions. Karlsson's music is uncompromising and edgy, with roots in both early electronic and '70s industrial music from Britain, as well as US techno and Kraut-inspired German electronics. With the first time at Bodyfest for Celldöd we expect a specially designed and raw head-banging, boot-stomping and ass-dancing set that will blow your mind!
Zweite Jugend (DE)
In 2015 the two long time friends Marcel and Eli founded the band Zweite Jugend. Their minimalistic music inspired by the EBM of the early 80s and made of analogue sequences and acoustic drums soon became popular among EBM fans. Over the last few years Zweite Jugend has performed at several festivals including WGT, NCN and BIMFEST and in October Marcel and Eli enter the small stage of Bodyfest. You surely don’t want to miss Zweite Jugends first show in Sweden. Hoch die Tassen!
Leroy Se Meurt (FR)
The French duo Leroy Se Meurt formed in 2018 is shaped by backgrounds in punk rock and electronic music. The distinctive sound of Leroy Se Meurt is abrasive and hypnotic, an energetic old school EBM fused with fierce electro and bound by punk ethos. Last summer Leroy Se Meurt performed at the Swedish festival Kalabalik på Tyrolen and we are glad to welcome them to Bodyfest 2022.

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